Belper Sound Hub

Opened December  2009 situated in the our Belper Site, this studio offers at 12" X 16" Live room.

Studio is based around a Sound Craft Ghost 96 channels at mix down this in turn runs to our
Pro Tools 12, this uses Universal Audio Apollo I/O boxes ,
We run a quad core  which also includes UAD cards which run our UAD plug ins which we have all of the Neve and SSl and all the other classics
Monitors Genelec 8050's
Pre amps include Neve, APi,Focusrite , TLA, Aphex, DBX & Ampeg.
Effects by Lexicon, IK Multimedia, Antares, FXpansion and Wavemachine Labs, Steven Slate, Sound Toys
A very large amount of soft synths for just about any sound
We have a large collection of tube mics all using vintage tubes instead of stock modern ones
Also a collection of ribbon mics for that extra warmth.

7 King Street,Belper, DE56 1PS