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 Just James started off as an ambitious project aiming to give dance music that live performance attitude that not even some professional artists can honestly replicate 100% live. It was this concept that pushed the band into producing and writing their own material and continually furthering their "Hype style" sound with the two front-singers Ella Reeves and Alex "Motormouth" Young, and the band, Joe Anthony,
Jake Mehew, Benjamin Kerridge and James Child

... With all members varying in their taste of music, Just James is a collective of all genres different but pinned together with strong Drum N Bass, Hip Hop, UK Dubstep and punk style giving the listener an energetic and aggresive performance.

After heavy touring throughout 2011, Just James have gained a reputation around the Nottingham music scene and throughout Derbyshire as "The band that should be playing stages, not the back of pubs" and continue to push and self promote their
name performing to fresh audiences around the Midlands.

"As if things could get any ‘huger’, I seriously found myself worrying for the future of the planet, the dinosaurs wouldn’t have lasted three seconds against this kind of force. JUST JAMES, new band on the block featuring beatboxer MOTORMOUF (better known for his collaborations with Nina Smith). You know that phrase ‘smashed it out the park’? Well this lot smashed it out the solar system… HUGE. HUGE, HUGE. " -

JUST JAMES will blow you away with their crashing rock drums soaked with electronica, saw synths and vocals with attitude. Check out our Future Session with them here. Carlsberg don’t do party bands, but if they did…" Maze Nottingham