WhiteMoor - Pause and Effect - Album CD
  • WhiteMoor - Pause and Effect - Album CD
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The brand new studio album from WhiteMoor, Pause and Effect is a step into darker territory for the indie 5 piece.

The album features the following 11 tracks

1 - HollyWood

2 - A Cage for the Animals

3 - Dark Sparks

4 - Be the Last

5 - Codes

6 - Ghosts

7 - She Makes me Fly

8 - God Help the Queen

9 - Only Human

10 - Masquerade

11 - Until Tomorrow

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Horizons is the 2nd studio album from Derby based UK band WhiteMoor. This record follows up from the bands critically acclaimed debut self titled album that was released in 2010 and includes the bands recent top 100 download singles 'High Lights' - 'All I've Ever Known', 'This Is…' and 'On Top of the World'
1 - High Lights
2 - Horoscopes
3 - On Top Of The World
4 - Embers
5 - The Divine
6 - My Philosophy
7 - All I've Ever Known
8 - Run Along
9 - Sirens
10 - Don't Hold Me Down
11 - This Is...

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WhiteMoor - Self Titled Debut Album CD
  • WhiteMoor - Self Titled Debut Album CD
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WhiteMoor's critically acclaimed debut album featuring the top 100 download single 'Three Words'
1 - Three Words
2 - Artefacts
3 - The Element of Surprise
4 - Burning Flowers
5 - Lay Me Down
6 - Remember Remember
7 - Pieces
8 - Fingerprints
9 - With Landscapes
10 - At the Crescendo
11 - Chapters

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WhiteMoor - Album - Pause and Effect

WhiteMoor - Album - Pause and Effect

WhiteMoor - Album - Horizons

WhiteMoor - Album - Horizons

WhiteMoor - Album - WhiteMoor

WhiteMoor - Album - WhiteMoor


Barrington - Guitars
Benny - Vocals
Tom - Drums
Luke - Bass
Louise -Keys


WhiteMoor are a British Indie band who originate from Derby in the Midlands. They were formed in 2010 by Barrington Mole (Guitars, Backing Vocals), who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan (Lead Vocals). Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) completed the line up in 2012.

WhiteMoor signed to Sound-Hub Records in 2010. That year saw the release of their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album, which featured the singles ‘Three Words’ (Chart position 88).

WhiteMoor have released 3 albums, WhiteMoor, Horizons and Pause and Effect. Click the front cover to download or head upto our store to order hard copies.


"This album really is astonishing, I've been driving around listening to the album all week, The forthcoming single from the album 'This Is...' is sensational" - Dean Jackson - BBC Radio + Mercury Prize Judge

"Stadium synths, epic vocals and massive drum's. WhiteMoor are bringing their stadium sound into the 21st century"  Music-News.com

“WhiteMoor are one of the finest bands around, What I love about them is they do the pop thing so well but at the same time the guitars are used so creatively. They simply have everything and manage to do things that very few other people manage to achieve" - Dean Jacksoon - BBC Radio + Mercury Prize Judge 

"Infectious ear pleasing melodies backed with an intoxicating swirl of guitars, a sound that will please more than just the usual indie crowd" - The Telegraph

"This is one of the best CD's ive been sent in my career" - Lights Go Out Magazine

"Derbys Greatest New Band" - Sandman Magazine

"A potential arena-filling super group, Definitely the best thing to have come from Derby in recent years" - From Dusk 2 Dawn Magazine

"Stadium synths, epic vocals and a large drum sound WhiteMoor have got their own signature style, bringing their massive stadium sound into the 21st century, it is incredibly tight with no fat at all round the edges" - Music-News.com

"A local super group, absolutely brilliant" - Dean Jackson, BBC Radio

"As Charming as Snow Patrol, As entertaining as The Killers" - Sound-Hub Records

"Rock Gods and Synth Legends" - Sheffield Scenester

"urging, ethereal rush of guitar and synth textures backed up by a solid rhythm section and upbeat melody's" - Circle Pit.